Local KL Escort is an Escort Agency based in the Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. Our location ensures that when you book one of our companions you can be assured that she will be immediate and well presented.

We have a variety of ladies on our books and so try and decide ahead of time what it is that you’re looking for in an escort. Are you looking for a youthful lady thats full of life and energy? or maybe someone slightly older, elegant and more refined? being prepared and knowing what it is that you like will help when chooing your escort. If this is your first time dont worry, our friendly staff can prop you in your decision making and you can also talk to your chosen escort first to make sure that your choice is right and that your are comfortable with each other.

Reserving an escort from us is a simple process, just call our switchboard on +6011-5658 3898 or by secure message using WhatsApp where our dedicated receptionists will be suitable to help you choose the right escort.

We are open 24/7 all year round excluding public holidays and we feed for singles, couples, ladies and guests with special needs.

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Local KL Escort is an authoritative guide for men and women in search of hookers nearby and erotic entertainment. It started as a design over ten years ago by three like- inclined punters who had become frustrated in their search for honest and dependable escorts.
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